About Soap

about soap

Our natural artisan luxury products are made for the bath, body and home to soothe the body, mind and soul. Each product is formulated with nature's finest plant and fruit oils and butters, pure essential oils and fresh botanicals.

These botanical soaps are made by blending tropical nut butters and local and exotic oils, with pure essential oils in a traditional cold process technique.

They contain no animal fats and no artificial fragrances. Rich silky lather and aromatic blends of pure essential oils give you the luxury of handmade soap with all of the natural skin soothing glycerin left in.

Be good to yourself.....be good to your skin and your senses. Don't you deserve "skin deep pure essence" handmade luxury soap?


Did you know?

The first liquid soap was patented in 1865 by William Shepphard, but it was 15 years before the product hit the marketplace.

In the United States 2011 spent more than $3.1 billion on hand and body soap.

Minnetonka Corporation stopped competitors from following their lead by purchasing all of the pumping mechanisms needed to dispense their Soft Soap product. Colgate Company acquired Minnetonka around the turn of the century and they continue to produce a line of Soft Soap under that brand name. About the same time, the B.J. Johnson Soap Company began marketing a similar product, which was made from olive and palm oils. The ingredients were incorporated into the brand name. The new product quickly became the star in the Johnson soap line. The company eventually changed their name to match the brand - Palmolive. 

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